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Course Location

London and Manchester wework
For Istanbul, check that link

Course Description

This is an hands-on course for AWS, aiming to provide hands-on experience. The attendees are required to bring their laptops and to have at least basic knowledge with Linux command line.

Course Methodology

This is a hands-on workshop where attendees are given quests to achieve and trainers are one2one guiding them to achieve those targets.

One sample quest can be: Provision a high-available nginx web server environment

Don’t expect too many slides, be prepared for hands-on tasks!

What the attendee will learn:
Attendees will be able to administrate AWS by the end of the course:

Understand Cloud and AWS dynamics

Get familiar with AWS Fundamental services

Experience on managing Identity and User Management

Be able to make architectural decisions on AWS

Hands-on experience EC2 Services like ELB, AutoScaling, Security Rules

Learn basics of DNS and how to manage your DNS

Be confident on understanding AWS networking

Program Outline

Day 1

Cloud Introduction
Networking: OSI Layers, Routing, CIDR, Proxy
Storage Technologies: SAN, iSCSI, NFS
IaaS, PaaS, SaaS
Security Fundamentals
AWS Introduction (Attendees are expected to have an existing AWS account to be used during the labs)
Certification Tracks
Regions, zones, structure
Services, Free Tier
IAM – Hands-on-Labs
Users, Groups, Roles
EC2 – Includes Hands-on-Labs
Instance Types, ECU, pricing
Storage Options
Instance Provisioning
Network & Security
Load Balancing & Auto-Scaling

Day 2

Day1 Recap, Certification Exam linking
VPC – Includes Hands-on-Labs
VPCs, Subnets, Route Tables
Gateways(NAT, Internet Gateways)
Peering, VPN
Security ACLs
Route53 – Includes Hands-on-Labs
DNS records Introduction
Domain Registration lab (You are expected to have your own domain)
DNS based routings
S3&CloudFront – Includes Hands-on-Labs
Introduction and use-cases
Static Website Hosting
CDN Introduction
CloudFront Labs

Target Audience

Anyone who has passion for AWS

Software Developers, DevOps Engineers, Systems Admins, Infrastructure Engineers

Audience Requirements

Active AWS Account which will be used during hands-on-labs
Valid domain to be used during hands-on-labs (Get one .club, .info domain just for the labs)
Working laptop and basic command line experience

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